Foxes in Brighton

Authored by Peggy Dempsey, Friends of the Brickyard Trail 

Since some folks in the neighborhood have noticed a fox or two, I thought I’d share information that might put their minds at ease.

Urban foxes are not a danger to humans. Foxes weigh between 12 and 30 lbs but may look larger because of their fluffy fur and long legs. Foxes are opportunistic hunters and their diet consists mostly of small rodents. They eat small meals frequently so they are on the lookout for rodents, birds, berries and even grasshoppers! Foxes are primarily solitary animals and the kits, born in March, are off on their own by October.

Regarding foxes afflicted with mange, while they aren’t a danger to people, they may seem slow and distracted because their skin is incredibly itchy. Mange is caused by mites that burrow into the skin and then reproduce quickly. Foxes scratch, lose fur, and are susceptible to infection on their lacerated skin. It’s a serious problem for the fox, but not for people.

Our neighborhood foxes inhabit the Brickyard Trail, Buckland Park and other nearby areas.  Finally, in collaboration with the Friends of the Brickyard Trail, the Library is presenting a weekend of fox events: Check the Library website for details.