Help Your Neighborhood


BANA operates within a series of committees, each of which holds a chairperson and a group of volunteers.  Take a look at what each committee is responsible for as we work hard to make Bel-Air an even better place.  We encourage you to volunteer on one or more committees.  Feel free to contact us for more information about how you can participate and get involved or to recommend the formation of another committee.

Neighborhood Yard Sale

Each other year, in June, BANA organizes a BANA wide yard sale.  More details on how to participate in the yard sale will be posted on this site closer to the event date.  Click here to join the committee.

Property Maintenance and Improvement

A property maintenance and improvement committee has formed with the goal of improving and preserving safety, health, and property in our neighborhood through continued engagement of residents, town officials, and businesses in our area.  Among other activities, the committee addresses the town board with issues as they arise, and attends Public Works meetings to help ensure the town is doing their part in supporting this effort. Click here to join the committee.

Strawberry Festival

Each June, BANA brings neighbors together on the green at Mayflower to celebrate spring, and reestablish connections that may have gone dormant over the winter.  Strawberries, cake, and coffee are served accompanied by child friendly entertainment and music. More details on the event will be posted to the site in May. Click here to join the committee.

Bel-Air Directory

BANA publishes a neighborhood directory every 2-3 years to keep neighbors alerted to changes in residents and neighborhood services.  To obtain a directory or to volunteer to help with this activity, please click here.

Board Members

Interested members of BANA may volunteer to serve on the board.  Current board positions are president and treasurer.  Click here to volunteer to become a board member.

Street Representatives

Each street within the Bel-Air community has a designated resident that acts as a representative for their street at BANA board meetings. Other duties include distribution of flyers, and directory updates. Click here to become a street representative.